Year Ending May 22, 2015

43 Years BRC has been providing service to individuals in need
10,651 People served last year by BRC programs
78% Percent who are living with addiction, mental illness, or both
27 Comprehensive programs offered by BRC
7 Counties in New York State where services are provided by BRC
1,676 Individuals sleeping safely under our roofs each night
2,520 Outreach placements from the streets, subway, and transit facilities
24/7/365 Hours during which someone can seek assistance
6,251 (53%) People who successfully completed BRC programs
1,067 Previously homeless individuals who moved to stable housing
416 BRC clients who rejoined the work force
$10.40 Average starting hourly wage for a BRC vocational program graduate
773 Employees working at BRC
1343 Volunteers registered with BRC
1230 Individual donors to BRC