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Substance Abuse Treatment

More than a third of BRC's clients have a history of drug or alcohol addiction, and BRC offers detox, rehab, and harm reduction services that help thousands find and sustain sobriety.

BRC was founded by a group of recovering alcoholics seeking to improve their living conditions. We know well that substance abuse is one of the most common and most challenging barriers to health and housing stability.

BRC's inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs that specialize in addressing the complex needs of homeless people with substance abuse disorders and advanced chemical addiction. And throughout all our programs, we help our clients find, enroll in and succeed in substance abuse programs so that they can achieve their highest level of recovery.

While we encourage our clients to address substance abuse issues and pursue sobriety, we also recognize that not all clients share this goal and that, even for those who do, the road to recovery is not always linear. As such, BRC programs universally adopt harm reduction practices such as offering relapse prevention services and linking to syringe exchange or Buprenoprhine or Methadone maintenance care.

BRC's two addiction treatment programs, licensed by NY State and located at our West 25th Street location, meet the recovery needs of over 2,000 men and women each year.

Chemical Dependency Crisis Center

BRC’s Chemical Dependency Crisis Center (CDCC) provides 32 beds of supportive inpatient detoxification services for homeless men and women, offering individual and group motivational counseling, medical support, didactic health and substance abuse education, and therapeutic activities. In December 2014, we launched a pilot project at CDCC that adds medically supervised withdrawal services to the program’s existing medically monitored withdrawal services. The integration of two levels of withdrawal services at one program is an innovative model of patient-centered care that enables BRC to better serve clients with a variety of needs at a significantly lower cost than a hospital-based program. With additional funding from New York City, we are able to allow our clients to stay until they gain admission to a rehab program.

Fred Cooper Substance Abuse Services Center

In addition to detox, BRC offers outpatient substance abuse treatment at the Fred Cooper Substance Abuse Service Center (SASC). One of a number of BRC’s low-threshold programs, SASC provides the setting and support necessary for chronic substance abusers with poor treatment histories and often dually diagnosed mental health disorders to work toward long-term sobriety and stability.

Addiction Physician of the Year (2014)

In recognition of BRC's excellence, and the professional staff who help make that possible, in 2014 BRC's chief medical officer, Dr. Angela Kedzior, was named by Governor Andrew Cuomo as New York State's addiction physician of the year.


From the Desk of Muzzy

What distinguishes BRC is not what we do, but how we do it.

Muzzy Rosenblatt,
CEO & President