Artists' Statements

From the Art Therapy Program
Henn client art
Artwork by Anonymous. Titles from left to right: The Christ Within..., Parakeets on the Wing, A Summer Night's Dream, Flagday;

Artist Statement

“I just really like making beautiful things.”

Alba artwork
Artwork by Brandon Alba. Titles from left to right: Duets: Celebration II, Duets: Celebration I, Duets: We have appeared;

Artist Statement

The three paintings are from sketches and ideas that I developed in recent years. At Design & Architecture Senior High School I was originally in fashion but chose architecture instead because I felt ashamed to be gay. These paintings represent my true identity as an artist shedding my later career path as an architect. The “Duets” series here marks the beginning of more artworks to come as my true identity as an artist blooms.

The composition and pose of the two figures is a contemporary homage to Kitagawa Utamaro of Japan and to the femme fatale studies made by Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso during the modernism movements of Europe. The influence of Japanese culture and West African religion both have crossed my path in this painting. It is as much a discovery of self as it is a spiritual curiosity of the unknown in my environment here in Harlem. Their true identities are to remain a mystery.

The vibrant orange in the background symbolizes the sun, lava, and heat. It represents my fire and inner passions as a man. In contrast, the green, blues and purples symbolize my aquatic, cool and softer nature. Both aspects represent my spiritual house of being born in the zodiac sign of Virgo, rising sun Virgo, & moon in Sagittarius.

The relationship of the goddess, Yemaya (goddess of Sea) and Oshun (goddess of Love) are combined as one entity. In contrast to the feminine the masculine undertones of Osain (god of male fertility) are seen as extended curved lines. These phallic references stretch from one end to the other representing power, cohesion, and fertility. Being raised in Miami influenced my curiosity of Afro Caribbean, European and Asian culture and religions. My series “Duets” represent the syncretistic aspects of my spiritual nature trying to understand the physical and spiritual realms of this lifetime.

cooper artwork
Artwork by Alexandro Cooper. Titles left to right: Untitled, Negative and Positive;

Artist Statement

What art means to me: it’s being a world where you could create your own imagination and paint your life in one picture. Only you know your real thought and it doesn’t matter if it is negative or positive.

This is positive and negative:

Has to do with my life my struggle of all my years I was weak to the negative. That means that I was up and down, in jail or mess up relationship-or my living situation. Or me hustling illegally. So the next step was me not being here in this world. So I reach a point where I found myself praying to The Lord, Holy Spirit left of everything. Turn up for positive. No more jail, more happy, positive people. Help like I was, help. Work legally, connect more nature, life, period.


Luis art
Artwork by Luis Mangual. Titles left to right: African War Lady, Untitled, El Nino Devino de Dios;

Artist Statement

African War Lady

She went through hell. The white man took the majority of the land and she was fed up of being pushed around so she fought back. She painted her face. The red was for the blood shed by her ancestors.

Untitled (three palm trees)

My three loved ones. The first tree is my mother, the second is my wife. She was big boned. The last tree is my father, with the big belly. They all passed and now they are in the afterlife. The rain is the tears that they drop upon us and the sun lets us know there will always be a brighter day.

El Nino Devino de Dios

He is the child that watches over all children that are out there. He is also like cupid and brings love and peace into people.

George art
Artwork by George Mannouris. Titles clockwise, starting top left: Interdimensional Assembly, Portrait in Purple Coat, Big Blue Eye, The Face;

Artist Statement

My paintings are inspired by the “Visionary Art” style. Through expressionistic visions from my mind’s eye I explore realms of possibilities in the eternal now that contains the past and the future.

Inspired by the “Ceremony In The Air” from the Lotus Sutra, I celebrate life in all its manifestations and marvel at its wonder and beauty, transcendent and interdimensional, intending to evoke joy, inspiration and reflection, such that the viewer would tap into his/her own inner beauty and dignity.


From the Desk of Muzzy

While more people are working, wages aren’t rising fast enough to keep pace with the cost of living

Muzzy Rosenblatt,
CEO & President