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Angelo, now 47, just moved into BRC’s MAP shared apartments after a long struggle with substance abuse, incarceration, and trauma.

Born and raised in South Carolina, Angelo started to use and sell drugs at the age of 16. Eventually doing so to support his wife and children, one of whom was diagnosed with Leukemia at six months old, Angelo’s illegal activity led to his arrest. 

Although Angelo was arrested during his daughter’s radiation and chemotherapy treatments, the judge allowed him to postpone the day he had to turn himself in to spend more time with her. In 2008, his daughter died, and Angelo went to jail.

After serving his time and completing probation, Angelo moved back to New York in 2014 to better address some physical health issues. Not long after, he came to BRC for assistance with substance abuse and housing. Since then, he has been an active participant in treatment and housing services, and moved to a shared apartment just before the end of 2016.

Angelo’s long-term goals include becoming a peer specialist for BRC. He says, “I am grateful to be awake this morning and blessed to be able to identify with myself, just finding out what makes me work and trying to get better.”

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