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Jacqueline was born and raised in England, just across the river from Liverpool, until she immigrated to Brooklyn in 1981. She held a security position while seeking further education, and eventually became a Home Health Aide. 

But Jacqueline was underemployed and could not financially sustain herself on her agency income. As a result, she stayed with friends for some time, until she was eventually asked to leave their home. With no place to go, Ms. Alderson entered into the shelter system in February of 2014, and was placed at BRC’s Lexington Avenue Women’s Residence, where she continued to work and save, preparing to move out and live independently. 

With the help of BRC’s staff, Jacqueline moved out of BRC’s women’s residence in early 2016 and into her own room. She is employed as a Home Health Attendant in Brooklyn, and continues to use the resources and support of the Horizons Workforce Development program for her continued success.

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