Meet the Artists: 2nd Annual Boulevard Residence Art Exhibit

Statements from participating artists of BRC Boulevard's art therapy program and 2nd annual art exhibit at the NYPL

Artist: AC Holloway

From left to right: The Earth of Butterfly and Natural, The American Flag and African American

The life is the earth and the love the earth give me.

The butterfly painting just came straight to my head. It means basically if you have a life and your life is beautiful where you at. It keeps me calm and collective. It don’t make me angry. I think about my paintings every day. Whatever comes to my mind I just do it. Like my mask, it just came to my mind.

The American Flag and the African American (mask) are for all the people in America. It’s not about color. It’s not about blacks, whites or blacks, it’s about all people in America. It’s about the man behind the mask-that’s God. That’s God behind the mask that makes everybody happy.

To the audience:

I appreciate you coming to see the art. Thank you a lot for looking at it. Maybe I’ll go somewhere with my artwork. When you looks at my artworks it give me a piece of mind. When you look at my artwork it gives the people happiness.

How does Art Therapy transform you?

It gives me a piece of mind. In art class, it keeps me quiet, calm, relaxed. It means I can be around people and be quiet. It calms me down.


Artist: Demetrius Emmanuel

From left to right: Life of God, Matters, Egyptian of Raindrop and The Eye of Egyptian Lord

I like this. Where do I start? That is the question.

Life of God

With life, there’s no meaning when God is not around. That’s for sure. Things comes and goes it depends on how you see it. It could be struggles, it could be sadness but when the sky comes up more things be accomplished day by day. You just won’t realize it until it hits you right in the face. It’s like a passion of life with God. The wings and the skies are angels that will help you guide you with the Lord Himself to let you know that your not never left. Once you realize that it hits you you don’t have no fear of anything. Its romantic, calming and soothing when you get everything calm. Its like having a cup of tea with nice quiet music. And that’s the Life of God.


This first started with me at first. By the way if people don’t know I want to give my name my name is Demetruis Emmanuel Taylor. When it first hit me I didn’t know I did anything wrong. When I had realized people help me at that time I came in and a meeting with my mom. The M you probably won’t see. If you can you probably can see the rights that has been done between mothers. Maybe you don’t realize that your mom is trying to forgive you and you have to forgive them for what they have done. It doesn’t matter now if you were right or wrong. Theres different matters in the world. And they are all in this art. The T is Teresa and she’s one of my best foster moms. The A simplifies my attitude and my agreement of me changing. R is represize my daughter Rannha. The S is for my sister. The most times I try to stay away from her the more better I kept myself at peace. And the E. Don’t forget about the E. The E is for me, Emmanuel. Another way of showing that I care about myself. And T for trying for all the hard work that I have done I realize that it does matter for the work itself. And that’s the work of Matters.

Egyptian of Raindrop

This painting remind me of being an Egyptian that I had to struggle to get food and water. To be my best I ran away from a lot of guards to provide for my family. The family that I have is weird but mysterious. Its been so many times that I try to do things right but it ends up being wrong. I realize that I was doing so much wrong that I had to think about what I do. Back then we had to think about what to do. Until I realize that something about me was this wasn’t me. I thought about my people and my surviving. I did something smart for myself. I asked god to ask me what should I do. I was trapped into a flower and I didn’t know how to grow until he told me “do what needs to be done for you to succeed” that’s when the flames dropped down because of the rain. I had so much to think this is what made me realize that I felt I was an Egyptian. I realize that my life was kind of like theirs. It was very struggles. I feel like every time I was going to steal my hand would be chopped off. But I always got away. I will simplify this as one of them. I will do this because it makes me realize I’m kind of like them in my own way. And that’s the Egyptian Raindrop.

The Eye of Egyptian Lord

About this I would like to start with me being like them. At times I was struggling so many times. When I realize I did so much wrong that I didn’t know what to do until things got outta hand. I realize if you see what I see the swords will replify how many wrongs that I’ve done. By these two swords I had used these swords to cut down every path with just two swords of my demoness. Just by these two. I was very confused. I dropped down these two swords because I was confused of what I was control of doing. These Egyptians made me realized that I maybe have so much to think about. These things that I have to think about because my life was already upsetting and then it became better. When I realize someone was watching me I bought a necklace that would mean so much in the world. This necklace had a red diamond in the middle of it. It made me realize that god was watching me so I did what needs to be done. I put this treasure into this treasure box and lock it for eternity. I kept it and gave it to somebody to hold. This person is still wearing this necklace until this day. It will replify me to of these green leaves that my accomplishments are still being made in the future. God is seeing what I am trying to do and seeing if it will go right so He is watching me and my Egyptian people. If He is watching me, He is watching my people. I feel like He needs me for something and I just don’t know what. So until then, my life is like an Egyptian eye of god and that’s the life of The Eye of Egyptian Land.

How does Art Therapy transform you?

Before I was a child I didn’t know what to do. I was always hanging out and I didn’t know what do to. This makes me feel like a man. It will keep me more at calm. It will keep me more at peace. Don’t get me wrong, at first I was scared of draw. But then I realize that going to art therapy it may change a little bit of something. And it struck me and next time I learn from my responsibility. Art means to me to change my ability to for different things and transforming from a kid into a man. For the ones that don’t know what to do or what to say, find your own ways to change yourself to do better because for me its art and more other things to come and it will best describe to help you too to find your own way because I have done it and I succeeded.

Artist: DJ Khalid (pseudonym, not to be confused with musician DJ Khalid)

Top Left: Dream Picture 1, Bottom Left: Dream Picture 2, Right: Dream Picture 3

My dream inspired me where I want to be at in the future have a house and it’s going to be in Norway, sun setting behind the mountain. I was feeling like I was painting my own dream where I’m gonna be at in the future. This artworks shows beauty, nature. I was imagining the actual colors of the tress and the actual colors of the sky. It felt good to do art here. Art is like combining math, algebra, and geometry. It’s about imagination like how you think about painting, what comes to your mind you paint and make it more beautiful. You customize the painting however you think about it. First I draw it and then I paint the drawing. The title for the ones with the houses is Dream Pictures. I wanna have a customized house from Miami Beach, because it’s fun on the beach. I open the window and I see everybody. People are gonna feel good looking at the art because it’s customized painting. It helps you being happy and not being bored, keeping your mind stable, have something to do. You gotta enjoy what you do.

Dream Picture 1 & Dream Picture 2

 Feeding the birds, pigeons, there is an island, mountain, like Australia. The sun setting so we are staring at the sunset, nice view, and then we have our own boat. There are two persons in thus picture, me and my dream girl. Dream means how we want the person to be, whatever you want to do, what comes in your dream is like imagination for your future, you paint it out. There is apples in the trees. We can go mountain climbing, climb the mountain. That’s why I chose it so I have something to do for fun, sit on the boat in the sea. Loud birds flying across the sky.

Dream Picture 3

There is no people in this picture and no boat, no mountain. Make new friends. I used glitter to make it more shiny and more beautiful. I put a little boat under the cow because it’s coming from the island for us to eat it. We can sacrifice it.

It’s coming from India. They have nice cows there.

While I am painting I feel emotional like being there in the picture, what I am painting, feeling good and happy about the picture.

I want people to know my painting is enjoyable to view, to have a beautiful view on my people’s eyes for my picture painting.

I sign my art DJ Khalid because I listen to music a lot so I combine my painting with music. You focus more when you listen to music and paint, it’s like doing the hum and the drum. It means you listen to music and you do it out.

I give some of paintings as gifts to my dream girl. She likes it. She thinks it’s beautiful. She was smiling.

 I like to do it in group because it’s more fun doing it with a group. Sometimes you look at their art and see what they are doing, to combine your art with their art. You get statements people give you.

How does Art Therapy transform you?

I think art is beauty and it lives in what surrounds you, like in nature. Beauty lives within nature. So nature means people surrounding you. It lives within people.


Artist: George Mannouris

Left to right: Emerging from the Ashes, Dance of the Free Spirit, Visions in Red, Swirling in Color

In my visual compositions, be they on canvas or on paper, I attempt to tap into and convey timeless, universal beauty that aims to inspire a sense of awe, poetic wonder, reflection, and joy. I create visual poetry using my imagination and employ the use of acrylic and metallic paints, watercolor inks, and gloss medium gel among other material.


How does Art Therapy transform you?

Art Therapy has helped me unshackle and unleash my creative spirit. Because of my participation in Art Therapy, I have been able to transform my life experience by channeling my energy to express through Art, my inner visions that come from a deeply profound spiritual level that respects the dignity and appreciates the beauty of life. Thank you, and please enjoy the Art!


Artist: Jamshid Karim

From left to right: Sonic, The nature of the ocean in the sea, Symbol #8 and The great gasbi


There is an evil guy, clown trying to catch Sonic. This is based on a game that I played. I chose the right colors for the specific persons and characters that specify the person. Motivating, relaxing, drawing the characters.

The nature of the ocean in the sea

Everything is floating in the ocean. I took these photos during phototherapy, and I chose to take photos of nature. Different pictures is different thinking. There is a lonely tree, leaf, and red tree. And ocean, like fishes. It felt good and a first time experience but it felt great. I tried to do the texture of it and see how it comes out. It popped out, trying to make it realistic by crumbling it.

Symbol #8

Different leds, different colors, number eight. The meaning to it is every led got its own color. It’s a real pencil led. Every color got its own led. I broke the pencils and just attached the leds on the painting, it stuck on to it. I just put the eight with the paint brush.

The great gasbi

It’s a painting of a building that is based on a movie. That building has a face of the eyes and it is watching everything that the owners or the workers are doing. The art makes me think about the movie. It’s like a killer eye. It felt good to paint it.

How does Art Therapy transform you?

Art therapy is a great way of relaxing your mind for painting a different, it’s just relaxation and it motivates you. It brings your character out sometimes by painting. And learning new techniques how to draw, how to paint, new tools. Art transforms me into different learning experiences and things that I don’t know. Mixing of paints and working with different tools kind of transforms my mind and spirit.


Artist: Kenneth Steed

Volcano Eruption

The powerfully brilliant watercolor paintings of Kenneth Steed reveal the influence of Vincent van Gogh, and are praised by Bronx, New York collectors for powerful harmonies of color.

Born in South Carolina, educated in New York City, and living in the Bronx, Kenneth Steed began sketching when was very little, being “fascinated” by plays of light and brilliant colors, a “fascination” that continues to this very day!

Mr. Steed has exhibited his works of art in group shows throughout New York.

He is currently working on a “Self Portrait,” and has just finished “Volcano Eruption,” to be exhibited with the BRC Group at the New York City Public Library Exhibition April 2nd to April 30th, 2018.

And so, the “fascination” continues…


Artist: Luis Figueroa

Left to right: Relaxing in the Mural, Volcanic Disaster, Caribbean Island

I do art because it makes me feel better. I think it makes me feel better now than before. My psychiatrist says that’s good. He says he can see me better. Before he says I am depressed and now I come to do two days art and I am better. But I know now I doing and I need something. I got my mind good. I don’t got too much depressed. Now I’m drinking only small milligram for my mental health. Everyone says, “what happen you do?” When you do the class art, it’s good for this.  


Artist: R. Ambrose

Left to right: Peace and Serenity, Enter the Dragon, The Scarlett letter

Peace and Serenity

This artworks depicts my thoughts of a scenery that is meant to bring a sense of calmness when looked upon. A bright sky with mountain tops capped with snow with low aligned hills along with a view of a lake or pond. I feel in a big city as New York City it would be a tranquil piece of art to look at.

Enter the Dragon

This art shows a dragon that is not a fierce nature but of a fruitful child friendly taste. A copy just painted over yet can help brighten up a room with light bright colors of beauty.

The Scarlett letter

This artwork doesn’t depict anything of certainty to my mind but take it for whatever the meaning to you would define. It shows the letter A with illuminated attributes but it’s meant to be viewed through the eyes of the beholder.

How does Art Therapy transform you?

This is my first time doing art therapy. It allows me to step away from reality for one moment, to step inside my own mind and depict what I would like others to see or to feel about me.  It keeps me out of trouble for a little bit of time. The message is although some of us have rough upbringing there is a bright side to the most of us.


Artist: Richard

Left to right: We Wear a Five Point Crown, Three Point Crown, Relaxing

This is about racism I was taught when I was a little kid. In prisons they segregate you by your race. When I was a kid I used to fight this white kid because he was white. And that’s the only reason. If I saw him now, I would say “What’s up? Remember when we used to fight?” We were taught this. When my son was born I had to tell him to relax and don’t judge him by his color and race. That’s what I taught my son. I hated everybody in that time in New York City before I knew.

We Wear a Five Point Crown
This is the sign that the Latin King Queen Nation in NYC to protect Latino brothers from African Americans that was taking our stuff in prison in New York City in 1986. So we formed this Nation to protect the Latino brothers from African Americans. 

Three Point Crown
This is the Three Point Warrior Crown. We go to war we wear Three Point Crown. 

Just us having fun and just hanging out and having a good time. We are relaxing. We are at peace there just having a good time. To accomplish things you gotta unite together as one. That’s the only way to accomplish anything all we gotta do is unite peacefully together not separately cause you are black white orange or red in life. The world stays on. That’s what’s gonna happen. 

How does art therapy transform you?
Right now making art and doing art relaxes me because I’m a hyper guy. I put my mind into the painting and enjoying myself doing this. Because I’m not a painter, but I do things what are in my head. That’s what I do. It puts me at ease because I’m too hyper.


Artist: Ronald Barham

Left to right: The Time is Now, What $he Lives Four and Dies 4 Does It Make Cents, The White Shirt of Armor

What $he Lives Four and Dies 4 Does It Make Cents 
Every time I dated a female she talks about materialistic things and she is willing to sacrifice everything for it. While making the statement within myself I was angry because I am tired of hearing and sacrificing myself and tired of giving myself for her to leave me for someone. I started feeling better and getting more focused on life and where I need to be and focus more on my child and daughter and I want her to have everything. 

Soul selling numbers, zero because she came from nothing and eight because it looks like an infinity to the side. So it could represent reincarnation. Thirteen is just a soul selling number. She feels like she belongs to something and when she gets material things she feels like she belongs in any crowd to blend in and not feel a part of a group. 

This is mixed media of collage and painting to represent mixed feelings. She rips up a picture and keeps receipts like a paper collage. The pain is like her china redesigned that she can’t change so it comes out as abstract. Life is like abstract. One day she might want this, and the next day she might not want it. So she has to paint over her scars. 

Art is good because you get a chance to express your feeling s in a way that you can’t talk, it seems to block your speech so you have no choice buy t to paint so people can get an idea of how you feel you design your own world in your mind. You can’t judge a book by its cover so I paint how I visualize life because you can’t read through my soul, only what I can show you. 

Live for what you need not for what others want you to have. Don’t corrupt your mind searching for objects. Pleasure others with the gift of speech and knowledge, idolize helping people and see the world grow together not destroy yourself. 

The Time is Now
It symbolizes the window of life and opportunity. Like the four corners of the world and different connections of life. Different things people live by. Different savings. Different expenses. Different habitats. Different dangerous situation but in four different places on the same globe space and atmosphere. We all breathe from the same air that we pollute and it causes air pollution to our lungs and body, fresh air, too much of everything is just a dangerous waste. And what I mean by dangerous waste is you consume too much of what we waste. We destroy plants, animals, ourselves, we dig up oils from the earth and we feed it to ourselves all the time and we throw it out and we reuse it and we get sick of it mentally, physically and emotionally. So there’s no basically when the balance of life is uneven. It has to be difficult and hard to solve like a scholar’s math problem in college. Unable to solve like Einstein. So bring all four corners of our world together to make peace of what we live for but equal means to show what we all live for is the same. 

The White Shirt of Armor
It’s also a white t-shirt sponsored by Corona. And what I did was I switched the Corona around because everyone wants to find a sober way of living in their lives. But everyone sees how the world comes to an end so they all just want to live peacefully without danger because they know already where they live it’s dangerous. So when I got a white t-shirt it’s like surrendering a fight when you’re in a war but be peaceful within yourself to stop the drugs, the crimes, the wrong doings of NYPD, the hurt of innocent people, and the person that is trapped in war in captivity and people dying of sickness and disease like cancer so I put it all on one t-shirt. Also NASA people that help us find cures for diseases that are trapped that just want to come back home from space. So I put this shirt in for us to surrender for peace but we won’t surrender ourselves for murder. 

How does Art Therapy transform you?
It makes me feel better about life. It makes me a better person every day. 


Artist: Wolf

Left to right: Borders, Dropped, Void, Trapped

To accept the world one must learn how to deal with differences although I am one who see things in a different light I try to see the best in everyone and everything what I've grown to learn these last few weeks is that my art explains and expresses that the times we are living in are very controversial but overall together you can rise above It all

Borders basically it describes what is going on now in the world. There is basically no boundaries. In the beginning everyone had their place. That’s what borders represents. The black lines are the boundaries that each civilization had. There is no more barriers. I felt relieved. I actually created a color itself and that could be represented as different cultures coming together and fusing into one. African Americans being embraced. It just 

Dropped represents the fall of humanity. If you watch the news you see that humans are running wild nowadays. I feel as if human civilization lost their ways. We dropped from our true essence. 

Void represents the emptiness each person has whether they admit it or don’t realize it but everyone is missing something. As humans when we were first placed by nature we are explorers. Void represents our journey in which we find ourselves or what is missing to make us whole. 

I chose these specific colors honestly cause it represents the different shades of humanity.

Trapped represents what I feel in today’s modern day. I feel trapped amongst everything’s going with the hate and discrimination still going on in the world, the racism still going in. I’m literally trapped in the center of this whole mass of hatred, it’s going around in a continuous cycle in which we as humans need to try to break free from. That figure is supposed to be me. This was more of an experimental trial and I feel it came out pretty decent.

This is my first time doing anything with art. What it represents for me, it lets me express myself in a way where if I was to express myself verbally I might come across disrespectful, nut with the art you can put your whole feelings and honestly I feel like no one will feel offended. People are sensitive in this day and age and you can’t give constructive criticism. The art draws the negativity and help me express myself getting my point across without hurting feelings. That is the main key. There is enough hurting in the world. I wanna see humanity come together as a whole. We are one. One love. One world.


From the Desk of Muzzy

Rather than create wealth for private developers, could we use the same shelter contract to create housing for low-income people?

Muzzy Rosenblatt,
CEO & President