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BRC Welcomes our Newest Leadership Council Members

The BRC Champions Leadership Council has grown with additional young professionals who are volunteering their time and energy to support BRC's mission

We are very excited to announce that beginning this July 1st, 2019, the BRC Champions Leadership Council has added a new class of members to its growing list of accomplished and compassionate young professionals.

The BRC Champions Leadership Council, formerly known as the Jr. Board, consists of young professionals who live and work in the NYC area, and are giving a hand UP by volunteering their time and resources to help those reclaiming their lives from homelessness, mental illness, and addiction.

Together, they volunteer for BRC programs, raise awareness among their friends, families and colleagues, and support BRC’s mission via fundraising, including the annual Champions Benefit, this year to be held at Lavo NY on November 7th, 2019.

The Leadership Council is at the center of BRC’s Champions network, bringing together supporters from diverse parts of the city to make a real impact in their communities via individual and third party fundraising events. To learn more about BRC Champions, or the Leadership Council, go here.

Please join us in welcoming our newest members, and read their reasons for joining the Leadership Council!


Alison: “I want to help solve the homelessness problem in NYC, and I believe in the power of empathy and trust I see the BRC's approach to being one of respect, and I believe this is the best form of motivation.”


Barrett: “BRC is an organization I have been following for its innovation in housing and mental health services, both of which interest me as an architect and community member. I know BRC does amazing work in the city to improve the lives of people at the scale of the individual and the community.”


Christhian: “Social responsibility begins locally and as a native New Yorker it is imperative that we address the rise in NYC’s homeless population and its unique needs. BRC is an amazing organization and has pioneered work in this arena.”


Elizabeth: “I was first introduced to BRC by my colleague at the Champions Benefit, although I had seen BRC trucks all over Manhattan near my apartment. The warmth and genuine desire to help others exuded from the BRC group drew me in and excited me… As a first time New Yorker, I am blown away by the vast homelessness and expenses that exist in New York. This makes it so difficult for individuals to succeed, let alone have shelter and emotional/physical support. I want to help be a part of a group that empowers New Yorkers to get the hand UP they so deserve.”


John: “As a former volunteer with BRC and as a NYC resident, I want to be a leader in the effort to provide NYC”s homeless the resources and opportunities they need to recover. As a US Marine Veteran, I also want to help the Veteran homeless population.”


Khephren: “Settling in NYC, I am faced with the disparity and wage gaps between people. Many of us take our time and ease for granted, but I want to be a part of something greater than me, I want to use my time and skills to give back. Why BRC stood out to me is their core values. Treating people with respect and empowering others with human connections.”


Mokihana: “I have heard amazing things about BRC, and am impressed with the vast range of programs you have to specialize in the needs of each individual. I am honored to be a part of an organization that is successfully making an impact in homelessness.”


Ross: “I was originally introduced by a current member, and have attended a number of events since, including sitting in on a meeting. BRC seems to be the exact type of organization I’d like to devote my time to.”


Samari: “New York is a city with incredible resources and inequality. I am interested in working with the BRC Leadership Council to play a small role in providing the programs and services necessary to provide more opportunity to the City’s most vulnerable residents. This, coupled with the prospect of working with passionate peers and learning more about how the committee approaches its goals, makes the BRC Leadership council an incredible opportunity.”


William: “Having lived in New York City and its environs for almost my entire life, I've seen extremely sad displays of despair, poverty and homelessness. The Greatest city in the world should have more resources devoted to alleviating these injustices and luckily BRC is one of them. The reason I joined the BRC Leadership Council is so I can do my part by giving a hand up to those who need it and hopefully along the way, make the city I love a better place for EVERYONE to live in.”


We are always looking for individuals who want to help those suffering from homelessness, and are looking to take an active role in their philanthropy.  If you are interested in joining the council, contact Miguel Guadalupe, Director of Donor Relations at

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