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Our Accountability

We achieve results by grounding our mission within a culture and practice of inquiry, action and achievement.

BRC is data-driven, results-oriented, and committed to accountability to our clients, our community, and our supporters.

We have been recognized repeatedly for our management excellence and for developing innovative and effective programs. We regularly submit ourselves to rigorous independent evaluation, and have consistently received top ratings on external charity watchdog sites.

BRC is supported primarily through government contracts, which account for more than 75% of agency operating revenues in the last three years. Development and maintenance of these funding streams is subject to various federal, state and city regulations, with a highly structured environment through which funds are sourced through requests for proposals and sustained through predetermined reporting and contract renewal processes, creating a highly effective and transparent process.

BRC utilizes private contributions to fund important program innovations — programs such as our Safe Haven, Horizons Workforce Development, HomeStretch Housing, and Chemical Dependency Crisis Center programs that are changing the way homelessness is addressed in our city and our field. Learn more about our innovation.

We’ve always prioritized accountability to our clients. They are our primary customers; they founded BRC.

It was the men living in the Bowery’s infamous flophouses who came together as the Bowery Residents’ Committee, believing that despite their struggles, they could do better if someone would listen to their hopes and give them another chance to achieve their goals.

Nearly 50 years later we’re still doing that. We have well-established mechanisms for engaging all of our stakeholders, and especially our clients.

Our donor contributions also help ensure we can grow and support our incredible team and further develop our infrastructure. Our team of more than 1,000 dedicated professionals is an important part of our success. See staff portraits.

We are highly successful in bringing in private contributions to meet our goals: Since 2005, BRC revenues have approximately doubled overall, while revenues from contributions have increased more than fourfold.

BRC’s management and Board adhere to the highest standards of financial planning and oversight to ensure current and long-term fiscal stability, and professional and ethical practice.

Fundamentally, we know that to be mission driven and successful, BRC needs to live within its means. Growth must be driven not only by meeting the increasing demands of the population we serve, but also by managing resources so that we can serve our clients adequately, effectively and responsibly, this year and in the future.

BRC's 5-year strategic plan, "BRC Beyond 50: Moving Forward, Increasing Our Impact, and Achieving Our Potential," was released in early 2021 and will guide the organization in the years to come. 

BRC's strategic plan was created after extensive environmental analyses and engagements with BRC's workforce, clients, friends, supporters, and partners, this plan sets the course for BRC's future and lays out four overarching goals that we’ll work to accomplish in the next five years.

First adopted in December 2019 by our Board of Directors, COVID-19 arrived just as BRC was about to launch the plan. As a frontline organization, BRC had to shift focus to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of our clients, staff, and our enterprise. In the context of a global pandemic and the resurgent national conversation on systemic racism, BRC recognized an obligation to reassess the strategic plan to make certain it acknowledged the significant economic, social justice, and public health challenges that came to a head in 2020. BRC has done so in the addendum entitled "BRC Beyond 50: Reflecting and Recommitting."

You can view the Strategic Plan and Addendum online here, alongside a Cover Letter explaining the process by which they were created. As we work toward realizing our goals, we will look forward to the continued help, guidance, and insight of our friends and supporters.

View BRC's most recent 990 and independently audited financial statements, and check out our independent ratings from external organizations.

From the Desk of Muzzy

Rather than create wealth for private developers, could we use the same shelter contract to create housing for low-income people?

Muzzy Rosenblatt,
CEO & President