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BRC's Successful Stabilization Bed Expansion Featured on NBC New York

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging and the subways set to close overnight, City Officials called, and BRC was proud to answer.

With the commencement of overnight subway closures in May 2020, City officials identified the need for additional support to help homeless New Yorkers, who typically sought overnight refugee in the City's subway system, into stable shelter. BRC was proud to answer this call, establishing hundreds of new Stabilization Beds throughout the city. The success of this work was recently featured on NBC New York.

A BRC Innovation: Safe Havens and Stabilization Beds

In 2006, BRC created a 19-bed “Safe Haven” pilot program that allowed individuals to enter shelters without traditional barriers like sobriety and curfew restrictions. Today, the low-threshold program, including Safe Haven facilities and Stabilization Beds, a variant for clients needing less supervision and structure, has been replicated throughout the city. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, BRC has created hundreds of new Stabilization Beds and continues to help these individuals access the services and support they need to reclaim their lives from homelessness, addiction, and mental illness.

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Am homeless in need of serious help no bod at brc help me last nite kept giving me the run around.. very sad and depressing those females on ,34

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