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BRC Presented with the AIA New York Chapter Andrew J. Thomas Pioneer in Housing Award

BRC was presented with the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter Andrew J. Thomas Pioneer in Housing Award, recognizing BRC’s contributions to the profession of architecture through its approach to funding and design-driven solutions for affordable housing.

The Apartments at Landing Road and Reaching New Heights Residence. Photos by David Sundberg/Esto.

From AIA New York,

By combining the shelter with long-term housing, Landing Road cleverly shifts the profits generated by its shelters to the low-income housing component. It sounds counterintuitive at first: Because the city and state are obligated to provide and fund the shelter and because the shelters normally lease their buildings from landlords who charge inflationary market-rate rents, owning the purpose-built shelter allows BRC to use the revenues the city pays it for the shelter facility to subsidize the rents of permanent apartments for very low-income and formerly homeless tenants.

Read more about the award, and AIA New York's reflection upon the importance of projects like Landing Road in their Winter 2018 Design for Dignity publication.


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