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Results-Driven Decisions

As a results-driven organization, BRC knows its programs garner success.

At BRC, we marry our passion with the wisdom of inquiry. We do the work because we care, and because we know it's effective. We treat each of our clients as individuals, but we analyze aggregated data to make sure the treatment and services we provide are effective. When they're not, we modify our approach.

BRC has developed a data-based performance management system within our organization that is clear, present, and rigorously disciplined. It provides a solid anchor for our ideas and practices, allowing us to be responsive to our clients and innovative within our field.

Our focus on evidence-based practices has helped distinguish BRC as one of the city’s most innovative providers of comprehensive services that help individuals find a path to long-term stability.

  • We reduced barriers-to-entry into shelters for high-risk individuals by removing strict curfews and sobriety rules. After a successful pilot phase, this program is being adopted by service providers across the city. Learn more about our Safe Haven program
  • We are piloting a new addiction treatment model that houses both medically assisted and non-medicated detoxification within one center — the first of its kind in New York City. We are evaluating this work and hope to make it a model that can be adopted by agencies city-wide. Learn more about the Chemical Dependency Crisis Center
  • We developed new model of low-income housing by thinking beyond the constraints of business-as-usual.  BRC is building a shelter and then use the income received form operating the shelter – income that a private landlord would take out of the project for profit – to permanently subsidize permanent housing that will be built above the shelter. That way, we can re-invest back into housing operations and make it possible to charge a rent our clients can afford, while also saving the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in housing subsidies. Learn more about our Landing Road project

This kind of program innovation requires risk-taking that is driven by a belief in the people we serve and their ability to transform their lives, as well as a strong vision for the future and founded upon rigorous research and reporting. 


Help us continue to provide caring, effective, and innovative programs to New York City residents who are most in need. Investing in BRC.

From the Desk of Muzzy

Rather than create wealth for private developers, could we use the same shelter contract to create housing for low-income people?

Muzzy Rosenblatt,
CEO & President