FAQs About Homelessness
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What can I do to help?

What to do when you see a person who appears to be homeless and in need of help.

You can play a role in this effort, by calling BRC's Homeless Helpline -- 212-533-5151 -- when you see someone who looks like they could use our help. 

You'll speak to a member of BRC's outreach team, give them detailed information, and direct us to a person who could benefit from our caring and effective approach. 

BRC has over 100 full time staff who are professionally trained to reach out to the unsheltered homeless on the street, in the subways, and in transportation terminals, throughout our City. 

We're out every hour of every day, in every type of weather.  We build trusting relationships with the people we all see, instilling in them the confidence that they can do better, and that we can help them. 

It requires patience and devotion; earning the trust of our clients after all that they've been through takes time.  Yet we do this with success; last year our outreach teams assisted over 2,000 individuals.

At BRC we like to say that a hand up does more good than a hand out.  Our clients tell us that while money or food can help them get through another day, by nightfall, they're still homeless.  It's the hand up that BRC offers that makes it possible for them to change their life, on their own terms.  You can give them that opportunity. 

So why just give someone a fish, when you can guide them to BRC, where they learn how to fish, and be able to eat for a lifetime.  Give us a call.

It doesn't have to be this way, and at BRC, we offer you an alternative; a way you can take action and make an impact in a homeless person's life. 

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