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These TeamBRC participants are running in the the 2024 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon on Sunday, March 17th! Our runners come from all over the country to give a hand up to those reclaiming their lives from homelessness, mental illness, and addiction. Please help us say thank you and support them on their journey!

TeamBRC is part of our BRC Champions community who are dedicated to supporting BRC’s mission and the nearly 10,000 New Yorkers the organization serves through vital programs and services. Champions plan or participate in various volunteering, fund and awareness raising activities benefiting the organization.

BRC is extremely proud of our 2024 TeamBRC runners, and we want you to meet them! Below we've featured each with a quick statement of why they are running this year's race for BRC. 

Please join us in supporting their runs!



"I'm running the NYC Half Marathon for the BRC again this year to raise both money and awareness for New Yorkers in need. Four years after the COVID-19 pandemic began, so many people in this city are still in need of a hand-up to get back on their feet. The BRC does so much great work to that end and I'm excited to use this platform to support the BRC mission."


"I’m running with TeamBRC because I’m inspired by the work that BRC is doing in the New York City community. I’m honored to represent and support BRC’s mission by alleviating homelessness. As a former athlete, running as a member of TeamBRC is a meaningful way for me to participate."



"I'm inspired to run for TeamBRC by their decades of providing a foundation for meaningful lives. All New Yorkers deserve the dignity and humanity that safe and secure housing offers. The opportunity to support their mission by racing in the NYC Half Marathon wouldn't be possible without the generosity of my donors and BRC's energizing organization. New York City is the best in the world because of residents striving to make it better - the housing challenge is one worth the effort!"


"I've been a New Yorker for more than twenty years now, and a few of those years, as a struggling writer without a stable income, I often wondered where I would live next. I spent time on couches and sharing rooms with friends. Things got better thanks to the kindness of others. For six years, I lived near the Bowery—and started working at an office at 151 West 25th Street. During this time, at both places, I became acutely familiar with BRC and their daily efforts. I believe in their mission and their method and I'd be honored to run on their team while raising money to support their work."


"I realize the importance of raising awareness about mental health in our community.  We all have friends and family who are touched by mild or acute mental illnesses, and this causes tremendous pain to members of our community.  I hope to play a small part in helping those who suffer but also raise awareness through programs organized by BRC."


"I've been running the streets and bridges of New York City for over ten years and am excited to run for BRC this year. BRC successfully provides safe and secure housing and critical supportive services to those in need in our city, and I'm honored to be able to help support their mission through running."



"I am running for TeamBRC because they are a resource that provides support from many different angles. They recognize that the issue of homelessness does not stem from a single source and therefore cannot be solved through one course of action. It has always been on my bucket list to participate in a NYC run & for a great cause!" 

From all of us at BRC

thanks for your continued support!

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