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What We Do

Holistic, comprehensive, and integrated care

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New York City

Our Approach

BRC offers a hand up instead of a hand-out, building lasting relationships with each of our clients and offering them a comprehensive range of services through which they can achieve stability and independence in their lives.

More than 50 years now, BRC has provided housing and treatment services to homeless adults in New York City, we have demonstrated continuing expertise in developing and delivering services with efficiency and positive outcomes.

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Homeless Outreach

BRC's homeless outreach teams work 24/7/365 in the subways and streets of New York City to assist the unsheltered to come inside, offering shelter on terms our clients can accept. Our teams are in the subways, at Penn Station and Grand Central, and throughout Manhattan.


Maintaining affordable housing is particularly difficult for New Yorkers with a history of homelessness. BRC serves as a benevolent housing  developer & manager for many clients, creating caring and supportive communities. 

Mental Health

BRC provides comprehensive mental health support and treatment across our range of programs, with a focus on serving clients who are severely and persistently mentally ill (SPMI), many of whom have co-occurring substance abuse problems.

Services for
Older Adults

BRC offers special services for older adults, including permanent supportive housing and, through our Senior Center, recreational activities, health services, educational assistance (including ESL classes),
nutritious meals, and more.

Transitional Housing
& Shelter

At BRC, we understand someone can become homeless for many reasons.  We have 19 transitional housing programs-   each with a primary focus - but all designed to provide shelter and the resources needed to overcome challenges and find permanent housing. 

Substance Abuse

BRC offers rehab, counseling and harm reduction services that help our clients  find recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Our two addiction treatment programs meet the recovery needs of over 500 men and women each year.


The Horizons Workforce Development program helps residents of BRC’s shelters to overcome obstacles to employment, enabling them to be effective job seekers and employees with the skills to maintain lasting self-sufficiency through employment.

Services for
Children & Families

As the community of children and families living in BRC facilities continues to grow, BRC is adapting to provide access to educational technology and resources, recreational programming, and other key services that enable these residents to thrive.

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