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Homeless Outreach

More than 300 BRC Homeless Outreach staff work around the clock to provide hope, help, and a hand up to New Yorkers experiencing homelessness.


*Reflects budgeted staff count

When our clients are ready to seek safety and shelter, BRC is there to help them.

BRC's Outreach Teams meet many individuals that have been relying upon their own resilience and resourcefulness to survive for a long time. On average, an individual living unsheltered will have to be contacted by service providers more than 100 times before they will agree to enter into a more appropriate living situation.


Our Outreach Teams listen, motivate, and seek to understand the person underneath the trauma. Over time, we build trust and relationships with clients so that when the individual is ready to seek lasting shelter and safety, they know that they can turn to BRC for the help that they need.

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BRC Outreach Teams place a person experiencing homelessness into appropriate shelter


a day

BRC Outreach Teams work where they are most needed


In the NYC Subways, Penn Station, Grand Central Station, in partnership with the NYC City Department of Homeless Services, the MTA, Amtrak, Downtown Alliance, and the East Midtown Partnership.

Learn More About BRC's Homeless Outreach Program

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