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These TeamBRC participants are running in the 2023 TCS NYC Marathon  next month, on Sunday, November 5th, 2023! Our runners come from all over the country to give a hand up to those reclaiming their lives from homelessness, mental illness, and addiction. Please help us say thank you and support them on their journey!

TeamBRC is part of our BRC Champions community who are dedicated to supporting BRC’s mission and the nearly 10,000 New Yorkers the organization serves through vital programs and services. Champions plan or participate in various volunteering, fund and awareness raising activities benefiting the organization.

BRC is extremely proud of our 2023 TeamBRC runners, and we want you to meet them! Below we've featured each with a quick statement of why they are running this year's race for BRC. 

Please join us in supporting their runs!



"It would be meaningful to run for TeamBRC as I have seen friends experience housing insecurity. I have lived in downtown Manhattan for 4 years and the Bowery has been a constant fixture of running routine. This is a part of the city I call home and believe the work that BRC does is critical to filling a gap in NYC’s social services."


"Everyone deserves housing, and to feel safe and stable in their lives. BRC continues to be an organization that I hear is actually making an impact with their neighbors and communities. I work as a social Determinants of Health leader and co-chair our housing committee in a managed care organization, and I continue to be professionally loud about how WE need to invest in our community organizations, like BRC because our neighbors are only as healthy as their communities."

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"I will be running the NYC Marathon this year, representing and supporting BRC’s mission of alleviating homelessness by offering those in need with great support and opportunities to make their lives better. As a former athlete, it is an inspiration for me to be doing what I love while contributing to a meaningful cause."


"I’m running for Team BRC because I’m passionate about helping those in need. I’ve been very fortunate and love the idea of paying it forward. It’s imperative that people have housing as a key step in becoming self-sufficient. I love the idea that BRC is providing a full range of services such as mental health services, transitional housing, permanent housing, workforce assistance and substance abuse counseling"

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"I am proud to run the NYC Marathon as a member of TeamBRC. New Yorkers who are homeless deserve support to get back on their feet. BRC provides that support, and I'm honored to help raise awareness of the amazing work that BRC does throughout our city. "


"I am from Connecticut and am heading into my second year in the Big Apple. I am a lifelong competitor who enjoys helping grow small businesses through innovative technology and traveling with friends & family. As an avid runner of NYC, I have seen many people affected by homelessness while in New York and am looking forward to being able to support them along with the NYC community through the BRC charity." 

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"I’m inspired by the work that BRC is doing in our local community to help those experiencing homelessness. BRC has made such an incredible impact on helping individuals get back on their feet. I’m proud to be able to support BRC’s efforts by running the NYC Marathon this year." 


"I am running with TeamBRC because my work as a public defender has really shown me how important the services that BRC provides are and what a difference it can make it changing people's lives.  The types of support that BRC provides is incredibly critical for so many people and I really believe in your mission in holistic care guided by dignity and self-respect. To me, the NYC marathon is a day that brings the city together and fundraising for BRC is an amazing way to support New Yorkers as part of this event. I am also so excited about the opportunity to fundraise and build community with BRC!" 

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"I am running for TeamBRC because I want to join the fight to help solve the homeless crisis in New York. I heard about the charity through a family friend, and I knew that this was the one I wanted to raise money for! A little bit can go a long way for those in need, and I think it’s equally important to raise awareness of this systemic issue whenever possible! I grew up in the city of Chicago, which also has a large population of homeless individuals, and I volunteered at soup kitchens and donation centers with my family. I would love to continue this effort in New York and am honored to run with TeamBRC!"


"I am a native New Yorker who has since crossed the Hudson and now lives in New Jersey. Ten years ago I ran my first and only marathon (NYC of course!). I am running with TeamBRC to help those who are suffering from any financial, emotional, or mental hardships get the helping hand they need to get themselves back on track.  Opportunity is something everyone should be entitled to and BRC provides that to all."

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Thank you to all our TeamBRC members, and all those supporting their run.

For More Information on TeamBRC's participation as a Charity Partner of the 2022 Marathon

From all of us at BRC

thanks for your continued support!

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