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The Daily Beast: Giving to BRC one way to fight growing crisis of homelessness

Photo Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty

Support for organizations like BRC can help mitigate the crisis, worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the end of a federal moratorium on evictions and the ongoing lack of affordable housing in many regions, more and more individuals and families are experiencing homelessness around the country and in New York City.

The Daily Beast goes on to note that BRC is among the charities around the country that provide an opportunity to give a helping hand to those facing housing insecurity and homelessness:

New York’s Bowery Residents’ Committee not only provides immediate help to those in need but also addresses the underlying, systemic problems that feed the cycle of homelessness. BRC helps those who suffer from severe physical and mental illnesses, including drug and alcohol addiction, and has special services for vulnerable elders. Their transitional housing programs offer fresh meals, clean showers, and employment services, and they also help people move into permanent housing with a sliding scale of affordable rent.

BRC's caring, effective pathway from homelessness to home provides a unique opportunity for those experiencing homelessness to reclaim their lives, restore their dignity, and build health and self-sufficiency. You can help make these transformative journeys possible by donating to BRC.

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