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BRC Concludes Archeological Investigation

From May 3rd to May 5th, 2021, BRC commissioned an archeological investigation of the site on 3966 10th Avenue, a location with a documented history of being associated with a cemetery for enslaved Africans, and a ceremonial site of the Lenape indigenous peoples. The investigation was done under the supervision of Archeologist Elizabeth Meade of AKRF and Anthropologist Rachel Watkins of American University.

On May 24th, the lead investigators presented their findings to the Advisory Group of the Inwood Sacred Site (AGISS), documenting that physical artifacts/cultural possessions and remains associated with/related to the site's prior use for Native American ceremonies and the burial of enslaved Africans were not identified during the archaeological investigation.

Despite these findings, BRC remains committed to honoring the site's historical integrity and memorialization as a part of its mission and consistent with the wishes of the community. The AGISS will be convening to present their recommendations for this memorialization in an upcoming public meeting.


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