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Invitation to 1st Public Advisory Group for the Inwood Sacred Site (AGISS) Meeting

On Tuesday, April 20th at 10 AM ET, the Advisory Group for the Inwood Sacred Site (AGISS) invites you to observe via zoom the first public meeting centering around the anticipated archeological investigations of the site at 3966 Tenth Avenue.

As you may know, BRC paused its plan to purchase the site and launched a series of listening sessions which included descendants, interested members of the public and key stakeholders who shared their personal experiences, reflections, ideas, concerns, and enthusiastic offerings of support. In listening to the community, BRC now believes there is a unique opportunity to both move forward with the building of a shelter in keeping with the city’s needs and BRC’s mission, and also reclaim the site’s significance, respect and dignity for Indigenous and African people and their descendants.

The AGISS was formed to provide recommendations to BRC regarding how best to develop the site in a way that appropriately honors the African and Indigenous peoples who once lived and honored the land. AGISS is comprised of descendants of African and Indigenous peoples, Inwood’s community residents and leaders, historians, advocates, and BRC staff, and is chaired by Meredith Horsford, Executive Director of the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum.

The members of the AGISS and BRC hope you will join in our restorative justice efforts.

--The Advisory Group for the Inwood Sacred Site


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